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Welcome to Tree Removal Calgary! Our expert team is ready to help with all your tree removal needs. Whether you have a sick or damaged tree or want to improve your property, we’re here for you.

Why Pick Our Tree Removal Services in Calgary

At Tree Removal Calgary, we focus on high-quality work and excellent customer service. Here’s why you should choose us:

Expert work: Our skilled arborists use top techniques and tools for safe and efficient tree removal.

Certified team: Our experienced professionals provide the best care for your trees.
Fair pricing: We offer clear pricing, so you know you’re getting great value.
Insured and licensed: We have full insurance and licensing, keeping you protected.
Green waste disposal: We handle tree waste in a responsible way.
Emergency services: Our team is ready to help with urgent tree removal needs.
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Our Detailed Tree Removal Process

We follow a six-step process to make sure your tree removal project is done safely and efficiently:

  1. Assessment and Free Quote: We’ll start by looking at the tree and giving you a free, no-pressure quote.
  2. Getting Permits (if needed): If required, we’ll help you get the right permits for tree removal in Calgary.
  3. Preparing for Removal: We’ll take steps to protect your property and make the work area safe.
  4. Safe Tree Removal Techniques: Our experts will use the best method for your tree and situation, such as cutting, rigging, or using a crane.
  5. Cleanup and Disposal: After removing the tree, we’ll clean the site and get rid of the debris responsibly.
  6. Checking and Recommendations: We’ll check the area and suggest future tree care or planting, if needed.
24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Why Choose Us

We handle the entire process from assessment to clean up. We also take the removal very seriously, taking care to always leave our site clean, without even a single twig left behind.

Professional Service

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Workmanship Quality

Affordable Pricing

Quality Professionals

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Kinds of Trees We Remove in Calgary

Our team is equipped to handle a variety of tree removal projects. No tree is too big or small for us. We specialize in removing the following types of trees:

  • Sick or damaged trees
  • Trees that harm structures
  • Trees blocking utility lines
  • Invasive species
  • Trees for new building or landscaping projects
Each tree removal project is unique, and we’ll tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Our skilled arborists will ensure the job is done safely and efficiently, leaving your property clean and ready for whatever comes next.


24/7 Emergency Tree Service

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More Tree Services We Offer in Calgary

We also provide other services to keep your property looking great:

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Common Questions about Tree Removal in Calgary

When is tree removal needed? 

Tree removal may be needed if a tree is sick, damaged, causing issues with structures, or interfering with utility lines. It might also be needed for new construction or landscaping projects.

How much does tree removal in Calgary cost? 

The cost depends on factors like the tree’s size and location, how easy it is to access, and any extra services needed.

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At Tree Removal Calgary Inc., all of our arborists are experts in their field and have the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal situation. We pride ourselves in being familiar with every detail of the process, including using the gear to rig, as well as manipulating and pulling the tree down safely.