The Calgary Zoo is located east of Calgary downtown, near the Inglewood and East Village neighborhoods. It is accessible via the C-Train light rail system and is also accessible by car via Memorial Drive. Visitors may also use bicycles or walk along the Bow River pathway to get to the zoo. The zoo is free to enter, and parking is free. During winter, the Calgary polar bear exhibit will be closed but is open for visitors year-round.

The Calgary Zoo has a history of environmental responsibility. In 2011, it was one of the first public institutions in North America to achieve LEED Gold certification. The designation recognizes buildings that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The Calgary Zoo is dedicated to ensuring that its animals are cared for in a way that preserves the planet. The zoo’s conservation efforts have resulted in more than half of its 130 species receiving Species Survival Plans.

The zoo’s 92 acres are home to a diverse range of species, including a chimpanzee and a gorilla. The zoo’s animals are protected by international law. Its peacocks are free to roam on the grounds, and the animals are housed in a separate zoo during the winter months. It also hosts an annual Christmas lights festival, which closes on Christmas Day.

The six-acre Prehistoric Park houses life-sized dinosaurs. Replicas of an inland sea and volcanic mountain and more than 100 species of plants and trees are part of the exhibit. During the year, the zoo opened the Destination Africa exhibit and the African Savannah. In addition, in 2012, the Antarctic Penguin Plunge was added. The Zoo announced a master plan to rebuild the zoo over the next two decades. Initially, the focus was on preparing for the arrival of giant pandas in 2018.

The Calgary Zoo is accredited by the AZA, CAZA, and WAZA and is one of the most visited zoos in Canada. The zoo was named one of the top 10 best ten zoos in the world in 2013 and was named among the top three most admired brands in Alberta. The zoo is open every day except Christmas, so visitors can enjoy the zoo at any time of the year.

The Calgary Zoo is located near the Bow River. It is accessible by public transit, and parking is free for most cars. There are two car parks in the zoo. There is no fee to enter. The zoo offers a variety of food and beverage events. The zoo’s membership costs CAD 7.50 per person. In one visit, the zoo will reward you with a new experience.

The Calgary Zoo also offers an impressive range of wildlife. The zoo has many different species of animals, including a flock of flamingos, a herd of alpacas, and a herd of rheas. The zoo also houses a South American Humboldt penguin, which was previously on display at the Toronto Zoo. It is the only zoo with a hippo habitat. It’s also not too far from Olympic Plaza – a place that you should definitely visit if you are in Calgary.

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