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Trees are vital to the health of the earth. They give off oxygen, limit pollution, and provide food and shelter to wildlife.

However, there may be times when you need to cut trees to prevent potential damage to property owners and passing pedestrians. At our tree company, we provide our customers with professional tree cutting services that safeguard their properties. We can handle Calgary’s notoriously unpredictable weather, cutting trees whether the snow falls or the sun shines.  

Reach out to our Calgary tree cutting experts today to discuss our services and explore how we can help.

Tree Cutting Gets Rid of Potentially Hazardous Trees

Dead, damaged, or diseased trees pose a significant risk to nearby properties and people as they can fall at any time.

The best thing to do as soon as you notice weak trees is to call in a professional like our tree company to cut them down. Doing so eliminates the risk of expensive-to-repair property damage and personal injury to passersby.

At our tree company, we offer Calgary tree cutting services in a professional and timely manner. Our arborists take all the precautions necessary to ensure that they remove hazardous trees near your property safely. We work without damaging your landscaping and surrounding structures like power lines and neighbors’ lawns.

Tree cutting also strengthens trees by compensating for any root loss. Tree root loss occurs due to soil compaction from heavy equipment or construction supplies stored under the tree. 

This compaction reduces the pore space between soil particles. In turn, this process reduces soil oxygen, causes root death, and weakens the tree’s general structure. Regular tree cutting helps to balance the weight of the tree when root loss occurs.

Tree cutting makes the tree more stable and safer to have around, considerably reducing its risk of falling.

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We have a team of experienced and well-trained arborists who understand how to remove hazardous trees without damaging surrounding plants and structures.


Whether you’re looking to boost the aesthetics of your landscape, care for an old tree, protect your home or neighbors from fallen branches, we have got you covered.


We provide a range of tree maintenance services, including tree removal, stump removal, and stump grinding, helping you take care of unsightly stumps


If you need to manage the trees surrounding your home or business, continue reading below to learn about the benefits of working with the leading Calgary arborists.

Tree Cutting Improves Visibility

Neat and trim trees improve your landscaping and make the surrounding area look attractive. 

On the other hand, overgrown trees can be a nuisance and contribute to a messy yard due to fallen leaves. They also block surrounding views and even the amount of light coming into your property. 

What’s more, newly planted trees need regular cutting and pruning to ensure that they grow well. 

With our Calgary tree cutting services, you can rest easy while knowing that we’ve cut your trees professionally and safely. We cut trees without disrupting the privacy that comes from adequate tree cover.

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At Tree Removal Calgary, all of our arborists are experts in their field and have the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal situation. We pride ourselves in being familiar with every detail of the process, including using the gear to rig, as well as manipulating and pulling the tree down safely.

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Tree Cutting Improves Overall Tree Health and Appearance

Regular cutting of trees can help improve their appearance and health. 

Overgrown trees bear the weight of heavy branches, which may weaken them. When you make a point of regularly cutting and pruning your trees, you also expose your tree to more sunlight and promote better air circulation, which consequently makes your tree healthier. 

This process also removes any dead sections, preventing bacteria and fungi from thriving and spreading to other trees and nearby plants.

Regularly pruning also increases the tree’s productivity. Pruning removes faded flowers and old fruit, which encourages regeneration.

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Felling or tree cutting is the process of cutting a tree and dropping it at an appropriate place to clear a given area for firewood or timber. 

Tree fellers can use an ax or chainsaw (depending on the tree size) to fell a tree; pole saws, shears, and pruning saws work best for pruning limbs and branches. 

Our Calgary tree cutting services use three primary techniques that ensure safety all around: 

  • Felling – Cutting a standing tree entirely and dropping it at a given place
  • Limbing – Removing branches from standing or fallen trees. 
  • Bucking – Cutting a fallen tree into appropriate lengths

As professional tree fellers, we will survey the environment and identify two clear escape paths before felling a tree. We will then make a series of cuts, known as back cuts and undercuts, that eventually take down the whole tree.

You can safely cut a tree if it is small enough to fell without a climbing ladder. 

Fully-grown trees that require a ladder and chainsaw put you and your property at risk when handled without professional help. 

The potential risks are endless. Large tree limbs could fall on your roof and damage your property. Or worse, you could lose control, fall off the ladder, and injure yourself.  We recommend using the services of professional tree cutters rather than doing the job yourself.

If you feel doubtful about cutting the tree yourself, contact our expert team of arborists at our tree company

We will offer you expert advice and assistance on all aspects of tree cutting. Plus, we will ensure that felled trees do not cause damage to your yard, neighbors, and surroundings. 

Call our tree company today to learn more.

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At Tree Removal Calgary Inc., all of our arborists are experts in their field and have the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal situation. We pride ourselves in being familiar with every detail of the process, including using the gear to rig, as well as manipulating and pulling the tree down safely.