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Suspecting one (or more) of your trees is not in good shape and needs to be cut? Then, hiring professional tree removal services for the job in Okotoks is a smart decision. Whether the tree is dying, damaged, or simply an eye-sore, we offer custom tree removal services guaranteed to meet your needs and budget.

Our tree removal Okotoks experts come fully equipped with modern tree-cutting equipment and safety gear for a quick, clean and safe job that’ll cause little to no disturbance to your landscape. We leave your property neat, and most importantly, hazard-free.

Before we start, our tree removal experts evaluate the tree’s location, size, safety, and risk concerns. They also check the client’s specifications to determine the best removal approach, work out reasonable rates, and ensure the process is smooth-sailing every step of the way.

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Besides being an oasis of relaxation, healthy, mature trees also offer valuable shading with the potential to reduce your utility costs. But, sadly, even the healthiest tree gets sick or damaged, and unfortunately, can become a safety hazard to your household in Okotoks.

Fortunately, tree removal Okotoks is here to help.

We know tree removal is a highly laborious and dangerous task and can cause substantial damage to your property. That is why our team only consists of highly experienced arborists with the skills, experience, and equipment to do a quick, safe, clean and dependable job with little to no disruption to the natural beauty of your landscape.

They come fully equipped and ready to take on tree removal projects of any size and complexity. And because we take tree care exceptionally personal, we don’t just show up and chop away. Our experts first assess the tree’s health to determine whether it’s fit for alternatives such as:

  • Disease or insect treatment for the sick or dying trees
  • Cabling or bracing for the structurally weak trees
  • Relocation for trees in the way or those taking away from the aesthetic appeal of your landscape

If there are no suitable alternatives or if you prefer to have it cut, we’ll thoroughly assess the tree(s) in preparation for removal. Reach out to our team today to discuss tree removal services in Okotoks.

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We handle the entire tree removal process from assessment to clean up. We also take the removal in tree removal very seriously, taking care to always leave our site clean, without even a single twig left behind.

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Emergency Tree Care Service

Okotoks and its environs are typically an excellent place to live, thanks to its pleasant weather for most of the year. But every once in a while, Mother Nature may act up, causing high winds, storms, and other inclement weather that may leave you with storm-damaged trees, fallen trees, dead spots, and broken tree limbs all over your property.

While there’s nothing you can do to stop adverse weather in Okotoks, you don’t have to live with the impact because we also offer emergency tree services in Okotoks.

We have a team of experienced specialists working round the clock to respond to emergencies promptly and get things back to normal as swiftly as possible. In addition, our tree removal experts are trained for all sorts of emergency tree services.

They are always calm, efficient, responsible, and professional regardless of how stressful or dangerous the emergency might be. Here’s what makes our emergency tree care services different:

  • Immediate response: Whether dealing with a minor or major emergency, we’re available 24/7 to help with all your emergency tree service needs. Our team arrives fully equipped to evaluate the damage and offer timely cleanup quickly, so your residential or commercial property is up and running within no time.
  • We handle all sorts of emergencies: No matter your emergency tree services needs, tree removal Okotoks can help. Our team will analyze your situation and brainstorm options and alternatives to develop the best action plan based on your needs and budget.
  • Competitive rates: As a company committed to utmost clientele satisfaction, our priority is to offer services with a difference and not take advantage of your emergency. We evaluate the situation based on emergency factors to work out reasonable, competitive rates. We keep all our processes ethical and transparent, so you never have to worry about hidden costs.

Follow up: We don’t just take care of the emergency and be on our merry way. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients, which is why we also conduct follow-ups to ensure the utmost clientele satisfaction.

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All of our arborists are experts in their field and have the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal situation. We pride ourselves in being familiar with every detail of the tree service process, including using the gear to rig, as well as manipulating and pulling the tree down safely.

Looking for tree removal services in Calgary as well? Reach out to us today.

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As part of our commitment to complete clientele satisfaction, we offer a full range of tree care services, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Besides tree removal services, we also offer:

Tree pruning

Regular tree pruning keeps your trees healthy and beautiful. From cleaning, crown raising, thinning to crown reduction, we use an array of techniques to keep both young and old trees in shape and boost the aesthetic elements of your landscape.

Stump removal

Stumps might not be as dangerous as dying or damaged trees that are still standing, but they’re an eye-sore and rot over time to become home to damaging pests. We have the tools, skills, and experience to perform fast, clean and effective stump removal in Okotoks.

Tree care services

Sometimes all a sick or damaged tree needs is treatment and the right nutrients to get it back in proper shape. That is why besides tree removal, our tree care specialists also offer general tree care services.

We try whatever possible to save your sick or damaged trees. For instance, our tree care specialists will partially trim branches of a partially sick tree to promote healing or reinforce a structurally weak one to save it.

If it cannot be saved, fret not, as our team is open to replacing it by planting healthy, young trees with the potential to significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal in a few years.

As a team of tree care experts committed to preserving the natural beauty of Okotoks and its surroundings, we also offer eco-friendly ongoing tree care services and maintenance packages tailored to your unique needs. We indeed are a tree service with a difference.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Removal is only recommended when the tree is dead or dying, and nothing can be done to save it. The approach is also suitable when the tree has root problems, is causing harm to other trees, is an eyesore, or needs to be replaced by a healthier, suitable option.

Time is of the essence, and as such, you don’t have to be home, especially if you schedule a tree removal service or tree care service during business hours. We’ll offer our team a work order reflecting all your major and minor instructions, so the job is done as per your specifications. But we also try to accommodate clientele schedules. So, you’re always free to work out a schedule that fits your needs with our customer support team.

At tree removal Okotoks, we do our best and take every necessary precaution to remove trees with little to no disturbance to the rest of your landscape. For instance, depending on the situation, our removal crew may lay protective materials on sensitive areas that might be affected during the process.

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At Tree Removal Calgary Inc., all of our arborists are experts in their field and have the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal situation. We pride ourselves in being familiar with every detail of the process, including using the gear to rig, as well as manipulating and pulling the tree down safely.