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Tree Removal Calgary takes care of everything you need when it comes to tree removal and maintenance. When looking for the best Calgary tree services it’s important to contact the experts. 

We assess your situation so removal is always done with the highest safety standards. We’ll determine the situation, remove or trim the problem tree, and handle the cleanup. Whether you don’t have the time, expertise, or equipment, our tree service at Tree Removal Calgary can handle everything for you.

Experienced Calgary Arborists

At Tree Removal Calgary our main goal is to protect the health of trees and the safety of the local landscape. The extensive experience of our team can help you decide when tree removal or tree care is necessary.

Trees add beauty to your property, shade, wind protection, and habitats for local wildlife. They’re a necessary part of the local ecosystem and beautiful addition to the neighborhood. Our arborists will always help protect and maintain your local trees with tree pruning services.

Sometimes tree removal is necessary when trees become sick, infested with pests, or thanks to overgrowth or rotting become dangerous to surrounding structures.

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We have a team of experienced and well-trained arborists who understand how to remove hazardous trees without damaging surrounding plants and structures.


Whether you’re looking to boost the aesthetics of your landscape, care for an old tree, protect your home or neighbors from fallen branches, we have got you covered.


We provide a range of tree maintenance services, including tree removal, stump removal, and stump grinding, helping you take care of unsightly stumps


If you need to manage the trees surrounding your home or business, continue reading below to learn about the benefits of working with the leading Calgary arborists.

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal services are a necessary part of property ownership. Whether you want to remove healthy trees to lower your lawn maintenance or you have a dangerous-looking tree near your home you’ll need experts in tree removal. 

When You Need to Remove a Tree

At Calgary Tree Removal our number one priority is to help protect the health and beauty of your trees with our professional tree service. But sometimes, you need to have a tree removed. 

A tree may require removal when it’s diseased (such as bronze leaf disease), interfering with power lines (either aboveground with branches or below with roots), at risk of falling in a big storm or weather event, rotting, or otherwise hazardous.

Some signs of tree illness can be caught easily. These include: 

  • Dead branches hanging from the tree. 
  • Large cavities or holes in the tree trunk (a clear sign of rot). 
  • Noticeable amounts of fungi growing around the base of the tree- especially if the amount has increased rapidly. 
  • Raised roots- especially if they are breaking through pavement- this tree may not be firmly rooted enough to survive strong winds. 
  • New and serious damage after a storm.

If you see these signs of illness or danger, it’s time for a local consultation with our excellent service providers to decide your next steps in tree care.

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Tree Services and Consultation

You may be unsure when a removal is necessary. Sometimes a tree can appear worrisome- like having large branches near your driveway or home- but only require some pruning or bracing rather than full removal. That’s where our Alberta emergency tree hotline comes in.

If you’re not sure about removing trees from your property, use our free consultation service to contact our professional team. All of our certified arborists are experts in their field and have the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal situation.

We care about safety, yours and ours. We know how to safely remove a tree without any risk to you or your property. We can conduct a site visit anytime, simply call our 24/7 emergency tree service hotline for a free estimate of our tree removal services.

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Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing can sometimes be necessary for trees facing stress on their limbs, whether from illness, lightning strikes, or oversized branches. Bracing a tree can help prevent heavy limbs from falling, allowing them time to grow stronger until the tree can stand on its own. 

If you don’t want to lose your tree, then you should have a professional from our friendly team install braces. 

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Arborist Services

If you’re looking to strengthen and look after the health of newly planted trees or ancient favorites, then you should contact one of our qualified arborists for help. 

In addition to tree removal in Calgary, we can help you keep your trees healthy with our professionally trained arborists

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Tree Pruning

Trees increase both the beauty and value of your property. Curb appeal attracts higher offers when it comes time to sell your home and a well-maintained tree makes your outdoor space all the more attractive.

Commercial tree services like trimming can help protect the health of a tree. Overgrowth makes it less attractive but also prevents a tree from absorbing nutrients, weakening and sickening it. An overgrown crown, for example, means that lower branches won’t receive enough sunlight. A tree trimmer can trim back the crown and let more light through.

Tree pruning can also help provide space between your tree and your home, power lines, paving, or other trees. If a large branch is too close to your home, you’ll want to remove it. If it’s very close to a structure, it’s important you hire a professional to make sure your property isn’t damaged during the removal process.

One of our certified consulting arborists can help you decide if pruning is necessary, walk you through the steps, and give you an estimate. 

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Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree trimming can mean you have a leftover stump. Removing unsightly large stumps via stump grinding from your yard is demanding work- often more difficult than cutting down a tree. 

You can choose to rent your own tree trimming tools in Calgary, but stump removal and grinding are time-consuming and potentially dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. The bigger the stump, the bigger the job – it’s in your best interest to use a professional stump removal service. 

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Tree Facts & FAQs

It’s important to know your local flora and fauna to provide proper tree care. If you want to replace or plant trees, you should study up on your local environment. You can also have a trained arborist do a site review of your property if there are any trees you’re unsure about keeping or replacing.

Based on the characteristics of their leaves, trees in Calgary, Canada, can be grouped into coniferous trees and deciduous trees. Even if you’re not familiar with these terms, you’re probably familiar with the trees themselves.

It’s important to know what kind of trees are on your property so that you can plan for seasonal landscaping needs and other tree care.

Coniferous trees are the group that contains evergreens, softwoods, or needle-leaved trees. These types of trees will retain their leaves for two or more years. You probably have a few of these on or around your property. Pine and spruce trees are plentiful types of coniferous trees in Canada.

Deciduous trees and shrubs are also known as broadleaf trees or shrubs. Deciduous trees are known as hardwoods. They include types like Aspen, Poplar, and Maple. All of the trees and shrubs in this group will drop their leaves in the autumn.

Because they aren’t native or simply the fittest for the local or city environment, some tree types are more likely to give you problems than others. If you have these in your yard or even near your home, consider calling Tree Removal Calgary to have a look: 


  • Norway Maple: The shallow roots of this invasive tree species make it difficult for surrounding plants to continue growing, thus killing off native saplings. The shallow system also makes it vulnerable to extreme weather- it’s much likelier than other species to drop large branches.
  • Silver Maple: These fast-growing trees often have over-extended limbs making them weak and dangerous. Because they’re often used as decoration, they don’t have the wind protection they would have in a forest or natural location making them especially vulnerable to falling during storms. 
  • Siberian Elm: This is another tree that grows so quickly it's almost like a weed. It’s often planted on city streets and can be found all over Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Like the maples, this makes it vulnerable to over-extended limbs and an overall weak structure.

An arborist is trained in all matters of tree health and safety. If you have a tree that’s newly damaged, overgrown, sickly, or poses a threat, then an arborist should conduct a site visit and determine the best course of action. An arborist may even decide that trimming a tree is the best choice for the tree’s health.

Much like an arborist, a tree trimmer can help maintain the health of your trees and provide necessary tree care. If you would like a tree trimmed for aesthetic reasons, a tree trimmer is more than capable of doing the job.

Dangerous tree removal and trimming services in Canada have varied price points. Excellent tree care services increase your home’s value and safety.

Depending on which service you choose, you might pay by the size of the tree or by the hour. Contact Tree Removal Calgary for an affordable price and free quote regarding your specific situation and needs.

Making sure you, your property, and even your neighbors are safe during a storm is of the utmost importance. If you have a tree that’s near your buildings or appears to have disease/rot, then you should have an authorized arborist conduct a site visit and determine if any of your trees present a problem.

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