Located in the southern part of Calgary, AB, Fort Calgary was originally constructed in 1875 by the North West Mounted Police. Today, it is a popular tourist destination with numerous historical sites and attractions. In addition to being a historical site, it is also a cultural icon, attracting tourists from around the world. It was built to protect the city from enemy incursions, so it’s a great place to visit if you’re in the area.

Fort Calgary was originally built in 1875 as a military fort to prevent whiskey traders from selling alcohol in Montana. The fort remained operational until 1914. Today, the fort is a cultural center tracing the history of Mounties, First Nations people, and European settlers. The forts restored the superintendent’s house, the Deane House, and the Hunt House, a historic building that has been used as a restaurant and museum.

While the NWMP eventually vacated Fort Calgary, the fort remains in place as a museum and educational center. After the railway arrived, the NWMP continued to use the fort as a district post, but after the fort was closed, the North-West Mounted Police moved out. The fort served its original purpose until 1914 when it was purchased by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. However, as the city of Alberta grew, Fort Calgary lost its importance as a military post.

The fort’s purpose was to protect the city against the Russians, but it deteriorated over time. In 1880, it was down to only four constables. The fort was demolished and new barracks were built in its place. The museum reopened as a historical site in 1978. The fort originally portrayed the NWMP’s role in the area. In the 1990s, the museum began reconstructing several buildings from the fort. The Hunt Houses, built near Fort Calgary by Metis employees of the Hudson’s Bay Company, were a common sight.

The fort was built in 1882 and renamed Fort Calgary in 1876 after the renamed officers. The fort was located in an area where the settlers primarily traded in whiskey. It became a major hub of settlers and was home to a number of Indians. This area of Canada has been home to many different languages and people for thousands of years. The fort’s history is fascinating. If you’re visiting this region, don’t miss the fort and tour the historic places.

The fort was demolished in 1929 when the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway purchased the land for $250,000. It was redeveloped with a new name, but all of the buildings were destroyed except the Deane House. Fortunately, it survived and is now part of the Fort Calgary National Historic Site. Its theater, gift shop, and many other historical artifacts tell the complex story of the region’s history. It has also been restored.

Don’t forget to visit Calaway Park as well! Great place for an entire family.

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